Become a Talentbank Apprentice, gain invaluable experience through networking, plus an opportunity of getting hired by Best Employer Brands in Asia.

What will you be experiencing along the journey?

A 12-month program to jumpstart your career by getting mentored at Talentbank. By the end of the Apprenticeship, you have a better chance of securing a permanent role with your Employer of Choice in Asia.

Business Strategies

Business Strategies

Brand Management

Brand Management

Project Management

Project Management

Team Management

Team Management

Profit & Loss

Project Profit & Loss

Market Penetration

Market Penetration

Negotiation Skill

Negotiation Skills

Database Management

Database Management

Crisis Management

Risk Management

Stakeholders Management

Stakeholders Management

Time Management

Time Management


Tech Implementation

Best of all,

Lead a Team

Get Appointed as Project Director and Lead a Team

Selection Criteria


20 - 24 Yr Old University Students

University students who are currently exploring a career kickstart
Minimum diploma in any field of study. CGPA of 2.0 & above.


25 - 35 Yr Old Working Adults

Experienced adults who are currently exploring a career change
Min. 2 years of working experience in any industry

Required Skills


Strong leadership skills


Creative and think out of the box


Possible & must do mindset

Move Fast

Think big, act small, move fast

and if you are residing in any of these countries

Your Perks


Obtain Certificate of Completion and Job Recommendations


A Competitive Advantage by having this Recorded in your LinkedIn Profile

Make Friends

Opportunity to Make Friends with Recruiters & Business Founders


Allowances, Incentives & Bonuses for Exceptional Top Performers


Why Participate?

1. Mentored by Talentbank Leadership Team

Participate in the actual projects and get mentored by project directors and our founder.

2. Jumpstart Your Career

By participating in this programme, you get to work with the Best Employer Brands in Asia. By the end of the apprenticeship, you could be getting a job offer from your employer of choice, or you will be recommended to our network of Best Employer Brands.

3. Learn & Earn by Doing the Real Stuff 

We have collaborated with many top institutions and organizations in various sectors and countries by using our insights to successfully help them solve their challenges.

4. Be part of the mission in lowering the unemployment rate

We are recognized as a competent, reliable, qualified and seasoned body within our field by maintaining and ensuring the high quality and standard of our products.


Application Process

Having only 2 intakes per year (May & November), the Talentbank Apprenticeship Programme is a  talent development project that helps candidates jumpstart their career by working along with Talentbank to spearhead projects across Asia.

  • 01 Qualification Stage
  • 02 Video Interview Stage
  • 03 Virtual Interview with Team Leader
  • 04 Virtual Interview with Founder
  • 05 On-boarding as Apprentice

Be part of our missions

  • 01 Recruitment Sector: Lower unemployment rate in Asia
  • 02 Employer Branding Sector: Be a Leading Accreditation Body in Asia
  • 03 Education Sector: Be a leading Education Provider in Asia
  • 04 Market Research Sector: Be a Leading Market Research Solution Provider in Asia

Sign up and emerge as 1 out of 100 chosen candidates

Get involved in our Employability Ecosystem

Frequently Asked Questions

An apprenticeship is a system of training a new generation of practitioners of a trade or profession with on-the-job training and often some accompanying study (classroom work and reading). Apprenticeships can also enable practitioners to gain a license to practice in a regulated profession. Most of their training is done while working for an employer who helps the apprentices learn their trade or profession, in exchange for their continued labor for an agreed period after they have achieved measurable competencies.


20 – 24 year old university students with CGPA 2.0 & Above. If you have vast experience in clubs & societies, those are your additional advantage. We value curricular experience over academic results.

Working Adults who are looking for a career change/career boost.

The Apprenticeship is a 12 months programme.

Talentbank Mentors comprises of people from our Leadership Team, including the CEO & Founder of Talentbank.

The programme only requires that Apprentices have their own laptop and access to stable internet as we practice remote basis. Daily/Weekly updates are communicated using online communication services e.g. Google Meet & Zoom.

Time to time, Apprentices are required to meet at our office.

The Apprenticeship programme is free to apply and we will not charge applicants any sort of fee to participate.

All the applications will be processed by our 1st phase of online assessment. All submissions will be assessed by our Leadership Team. Shortlisted applicants will be announced via email & phone calls after the due date.

Don’t give up, keep trying, and follow up. We highly encourage our applicants to be persistence.

Applicants may try again on the following intake.

Either party then may terminate this agreement by providing two (2) months in advance written notice

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